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Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam


Complaints may be submitted in writing (mail or e-mail) or using the form on this website. You can also come for a consultation during the free walk-in consultation hours (Tuesdays between 10 am and 12 noon). Please be sure to bring all relevant documents.


After you have submitted your complaint, the ombudsman examines it to see whether it can be accepted for further processing. If it can, he starts an investigation. This may result in a report in which an opinion is given about the performance of the municipal functionaries or organisations involved.


Sometimes a problem can be solved by intervening between you and the organisation about which you’ve complained. The ombudsman then advises on how the organisation can solve the problem.

Results published on website

The ombudsman’s reports are public property and are submitted to the directors of the organisations involved, the appropriate aldermen and the city council. The reports are published (without the name of the plaintiff) on the website.