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Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam



  • Municipal Ombudsman Groningen

    The Municipal Ombudsman Groningen handles complaints about the municipalities Groningen, Ten Boer, De Marne and partnerships like

  • Municipal Ombudsman The Hague

    The Municipal Ombudsman Groningen handles complaints about the municipality The Hague and all persons and organizations under its responsibility.

  • City of Amsterdam

    Website of the city of Amsterdam.

  • Municipal Ombudsman Rotterdam

    The Municipal Ombudsman Groningen handles complaints about the municipalities Capelle aan den IJssel, Hellevoetsluis, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Rotterdam, Spijkenisse, Vlaardingen en Westvoorne. as well as "Stadsregio Rotterdam", DCMR Environmental service Rijnmond, joint fire department, Adult education Rijnmond, "Gemeenschappelijke regeling Halt Rotterdam-Rijnmond", "Gemeenschappelijke regeling Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam-Rijnmond".

  • International Ombudsman Institute

    The International Ombudsman Institute is a global organization for the cooperation of more than 150 ombudsman institutions.

  • Amsterdam city districts

    Links to all seven city districts of Amsterdam can be found here.

  • City of Almere

    Website of the city of Almere.

  • National ombudsman

    The National ombudsman handles complaints about the Dutch government, private organizations which execute governmental tasks and all Dutch municipalities that haven't appointed their own ombudsman. Complaints about "UWV" can also be handled by the National ombudsman. 

  • Het Juridisch Loket (legal information)

    Het Juridisch Loket is an organization which informs the public about legal matters and gives primary legal advice. When needed, they will redirect their clients to legal council. The website is in Dutch only. 

  • Town of Diemen

    Website of the town of Diemen.

  • Town of Landsmeer

    Website of the town of Landsmeer.

  • Town of Waterland

    Website of the town of Waterland.

  • Town of Weesp

    Website of the town of Weesp.

  • City of Zaanstad

    Website of the city of Zaanstad.

  • Stadsregio Amsterdam

    Website of the "Stadsregio Amsterdam".

  • Veiligheidsregio Amsterdam - Amstelland

    The "Veiligheidsregio" is a collective organization made up of 6 regional municipalities (Amsterdam, Diemen, Amstelveen, Ouder Amstel, Uithoorn en Aalsmeer), police, DA, fire department and emergency services.

  • Everything about rental properties

    A website with information regarding rental properties. Information is valid in the entire country, unless otherwise specified.